About us

  Located in Guangzhou, China, Brighten Technology (monon) started in 2003 as a local manufacturer of lighting fixtures for the performing arts. 

  Since then, Monon have gained a reputation for delivering the highest performance levels required by today's most demanding applications - including concerts & theatre shows, film & TV broadcasts, retail, leisure & museum installations, exhibitions & corporate hospitality events.
  The Company’s commitment is to set the standard for manufacturing innovative and quality products. This commitment is evident through our detailed inspection processes and extensive field testing.
  To keep developing business together with a constant growth of quality to better answer the market needs, Monon's investments centered on equipment, plant expansions and projects to boost efficiency. 
From the initial design process of each product, to the final assembly of each individual part, our manufacturing process accomplishes the highest level of performance and durability carried through to final delivery to the end user. 
  Durable construction and beautiful styling make Monon™ fixtures the ideal solution for any staging or commercial application. Monon Lighting™ already holds numerous product patents and we are constantly developing innovative ideas to help expand the lighting industry.

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