China Entertainment Technology Association 2017 Performing Arts New Technology Reporting Conference Held in Jinan

  On May 16, the 2017 New Performing Technology Report, sponsored by the China Entertainment Technology Association and co-sponsored by the Ninth Branch of the China Entertainment Technology Association, was successfully held at the Merria Hotel in Jinan.


  Zhu Xincun, chairman of the China Entertainment Technology Association and director of the professional committee of the performance venue, and Zhao Tonghua, director of the Technology and Evaluation Department of the China Entertainment Technology Association, attended the meeting.



  Nearly 300 people including the leaders of the China Entertainment Technology Association, representatives of the ninth chapter member units, industry experts, some performers, engineering companies and industry friends attended the new technology exchange report meeting.This performance new technology exchange report aims to exchange and learn new ideas, new technologies, new processes, new products and new standards emerging in the performing arts industry in recent years.The report was strongly supported by the leaders of the China Entertainment Technology Association, industry experts and manufacturers. Due to the limited time of the report, 12 reports were selected and invited.


  The report was hosted by Professor Zhou Zhaojun, who is the vice president of the branch and the chairman of the expert committee.Chairman of the China Entertainment Technology Association Zhu Xincun delivered a speech. He first expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the ninth branch of the China Entertainment Technology Association!In his speech, he fully affirmed the academic exchange report meeting. The chapter is to create a platform for learning new technologies, exchange ideas, exploring and sharing application results, so as to promote the progress of regional technology and lay a solid foundation for the development of the industry.



  The fifth report title is "International New Standards for Light Sources Color Rendering Evaluation and Application of Professional Multi-spectral LED Lights".This report consists of two parts, which are reported by Dr. Zhou Li from Zhuhai Lejian Technology and Feng Chaojun, General Manager of Guangzhou Brighten Technology Development Co., Ltd.Since the invention of the LED light source, its color rendering has been receiving much attention.The report introduces the TM-30-15 evaluation standard of the United States, and puts forward two new evaluation contents of Rf and Rg.Guangzhou Brighten Technology Development Co., Ltd also brought us the newest development of nine-color series of LED lamps, The on-site demonstration of the application of nine-color luminaires in stage technology, the guests highly recognized the product in improving the spectral characteristics of the light source and improving the color rendering performance of the luminaire.



                                               General Manager:Mr Jones                  

  This new technology exchange report meeting is not only to carry out technical exchanges in the region, but also to introduce new products and technologies to the regional counterparts. It is also to understand the problems arising in the application and the new market demand from the local counterparts. The report will promote the regional performing arts equipment industry. It is of positive significance to exchange and promote the transformation and upgrading of the performing arts equipment industry.The contents of the six hour presentation are wonderful, and the listeners are full of spirit.


  The technical exchange report was highly recognized by the participating companies, industry experts, manufacturers and engineering companies.In the future work of the association, the ninth session will gather all the efforts to effectively implement the Association's "three for service" purpose, help the association to become stronger and stronger, and make positive contributions to the development of the industry.



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