MONON LED lights up "Tokyo Auto show"

      The 45th Tokyo Auto Show was held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 27, 2017 to November 5, 2017.As one of the top five auto shows in the world, the Tokyo Auto Show is an important stage for automakers to show the world. At the Tokyo Auto Show, 15 brands from 14 Japanese manufacturers and 19 brands from 13 international manufacturers were unveiled at the show.In addition, 153 companies and organizations from 10 countries also exhibited a comprehensive range of services including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, windows, bodies, spare parts and machinery, automotive related services.Tokyo auto show used MONON's LED auto show lights for lighting, which was highly praised by the Japanese exhibition company!


  TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017——互动之旅探索移动创新的未来

  TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017 - an interactive journey to explore the future of innovation


  This year's Tokyo Auto Show features the "TOKYO CONNECTED LAB 2017" theme show, with three simple and clear interactive experience activities, allowing visitors to experience the convenience and benefits of Tokyo's mobile future and life.  





  MONON lights as the designated auto show lights in Tokyo, for many years with its excellent quality, stable performance, excellent service, accompanied by each exhibition. The exhibition uses MONON's 450W high-power LED car show light, which has excellent light efficiency, high color reproduction, high stability and high efficiency to promote the audience's enthusiasm, adding splendor to the Tokyo Auto Show, making auto show lighting a new era. 




  Brighten Technology (MONON) is committed to meaningful innovation and practice in the field of professional lighting, extending lighting applications from a single lighting mode to a multi-level professional field. After more than 20 years of effort and precipitation, MONON is in the industry leading position in the professional stage lighting, flow performance, commercial lighting and energy-saving lighting solutions.We are not innovating for technology. We innovate only for our customers, for everyone who can appreciate the lights.

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