MONON Lighting Show off the 2017 Chinese Drama Festival Gala at the Guangdong Performing Arts Theatre.

  The 2017 Chinese Drama Festival Gala was held at the Guangdong Performing Arts Theatre on December 12th.The elite of the performing arts industry and Chinese drama fans gathered together to witness the grand occasion of the Chinese drama community.Guangdong Performing Arts Theatre uses about 300 units of MONON professional stage lighting and outdoor lighting.The products involved are:LED PAR、LED Profile、Moving head、LED Wall washer,etc.MONON lights show up at the party, helping to present the gala night.





  Zhu Kening, President of China Performance Industry Association, and Yang Shu, Director of Guangdong Xinghai Performing Arts Group Management Committee attended the event and delivered speeches.In the speech, President Zhu Kening said that the performance industry should continuously meet the needs of the audience to watch theatrical performances and launch more different types of works in the market.He hopes that the Chinese-language drama festival will be more innovative and creative in the selection work, and it is necessary to go out of the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and to face a wider range of Chinese-speaking areas.Director Yang Shu said in his speech that only by adhering to the people-centered creative orientation and getting the audience's appreciation and resonance, can dramatic works really have the value of existence and long-term vitality.In his speech, he encouraged the Chinese Drama Festival to continue to work hard to promote the prosperity of the Chinese-language drama industry by launching more excellent repertoires that are grounded, spread, and retained.




  At the ceremony, there were also classic performances by young artists from Guangdong, such as "Teahouse", "Thirteen Langs of the South China Sea", "Secret Love for Peach Blossom Source" and so on. The performances paid tribute to the 110th anniversary of Chinese drama.






  Tonight, drama workers and performance industry professionals from all over the country and abroad gathered together to witness the power of Chinese drama and praise Chinese drama and Chinese drama talents. In the future, we look forward to further promoting the gathering of Chinese opera elites and the blossoming of dramas.


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