MONON Lighting Show off the 2017 Chinese Drama Festival Gala at the Guangdong Performing Arts Theatre.

  The 2017 Chinese Drama Festival Gala was held at the Guangdong Performing Arts Theatre on December 12th.The elite of the performing arts industry and Chinese drama fans gathered together to witness the grand occasion of the Chinese drama community.Guangdong Performing Arts Theatre uses about 300 units of MONON professional stage lighting and outdoor lighting.The products involved are:LED PAR、LED Profile、Moving head、LED Wall washer,etc.MONON lights show up at the party, helping to present the gala night.

MONON LED lights up "Tokyo Auto show"

  The 45th Tokyo Auto Show was held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 27, 2017 to November 5, 2017.As one of the top five auto shows in the world, the Tokyo Auto Show is an important stage for automakers to show the world. At the Tokyo Auto Show, 15 brands from 14 Japanese manufacturers and 19 brands from 13 international manufacturers were unveiled at the show.In addition, 153 companies and organizations from 10 countries also exhibited a comprehensive range of services including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, windows, bodies, spare parts and machinery, automotive related services.Tokyo auto show used MONON's LED auto show lights for lighting, which was highly praised by the Japanese exhibition company!

China Entertainment Technology Association 2017 Performing Arts New Technology Reporting Conference Held in Jinan

  On May 16, the 2017 New Performing Technology Report, sponsored by the China Entertainment Technology Association and co-sponsored by the Ninth Branch of the China Entertainment Technology Association, was successfully held at the Merria Hotel in Jinan.

Nine-color LED innovation full spectrum technology

  The maturity of LED technology has gradually penetrated into the field of professional lighting, but the color rendering index CRI in the CIE chromaticity system based on the use of halogen light source has been unable to accurately evaluate the light color effect of LED. The subsequent TLCI is only for TV stations application.On May 18, 2015, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) released a new evaluation system for light source color development capabilities - IES TM-30-15 (hereinafter referred to as TM-30) ,which evaluates the color restoring ability of light sources through color reality (Rf) and color saturation (Rg).It compensates for the problem of insufficient color parameters of traditional evaluation light source, and provides calculation support for color reduction theory.








尤其在调光方面,LED 不仅可实现0~100%的调光,而且还可以保证在整个调光过程中有较高的发光效率,并不损害LED 的工作寿命








A,将5款LED灯具放置在一个室温为60℃的房间; B,通过调压器将LED灯具的输入电压调为最大额定输入电压的1.1倍; C,接通电源,点灯24H,并观察

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