According to different optional system,aspiring high performance and different beam angle,we design 2 lenses to include 14°,19°,26°,36°,50°and70°,it is free to compose because the lens is moved per 10mm means it is moved per unit. There are 6 units for you to chose.
Press the metal button,then turn the plastic handle clockwise for 16°or so to
take down the lamp.Turn the plastic handle anticlockwise for 16°or so,till the
button comes out to insert lamp.
●To save time for assembling and disassembling
●Be available for operating on high altitude
Satety Trait
●Providing safety cable to connect luminaries

 Model:  FIX0036E


Lamp: HPL750W/575W, CCT3200k

RA >90

Beam Angle:36°

Luminaire efficency:39.9%

Luminance in 5 meter:2000lux

Effiective luminance:7601lm

Uniformity of illuminance:0.49

Housing: Aluminium
Body weight:7.5kg


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